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    • ZyXEL WAP3205-V3, 4Port, 300Mbps, 2.4Ghz Wifi, Masaüstü, Access Point, Repeater

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      Multifunctional wireless access point

      Create, connect, or extend a wireless N network; all with the Zyxel Wireless N300 Access Point.

      AP Mode

      Home or small office users who wish to create a wireless N network.

      WAP3205 v3, Wireless N300 Access Point

      Repeater Mode

      Home users who want to extend coverage of their existing wireless N network.

      WAP3205 v3, Wireless N300 Access Point

      Client Mode

      Users who wish to connect a device to an existing wireless N network.

      WAP3205 v3, Wireless N300 Access Point

      Detachable high-gain antennas for enhanced WiFi coverage or self upgrade

      Extend your WiFi coverage further with Zyxel’s high-gain antennas.
      Provide a stronger signal for all your WiFi devices for better reliable connections.

      WAP3205 v3, Wireless N300 Access Point
      WAP3205 v3, Wireless N300 Access Point

      * These pictures are for reference only. Actual antennas 5 dBi/7dBi packaged may differ by country.

      “WiFi Protected Setup” button, secure and setup personal network in 1 second.

      Equipped 5 fast Ethernet ports, bridge your digital entertainment devices.

      Zyxel green design for power saving capability

      Wireless N300 Access Point can be scheduled to turn its wireless off during unused hours to save additional power. Adjustable wireless output power enables you choose how much power your WiFi draws, potentially saving you more power.

      Clear LED lights check functionality quickly

      Compact and wall-mount design for flexible placement

      Compact design enables you to place the Wireless N300 Access Point anywhere in any indoor environment without taking up too much space. Wall mount holes included if you wish to install the access point onto a wall.

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